Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)

A postpartum doula provides evidenced-based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and primary newborn care.

Breastfeeding support
Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
Assistance with newborn care such as diapering,
bath, feeding and comforting
Light meal preparation
Baby soothing techniques

Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support 
and support groups

Certified Loss Doula (LDI ®)

A Loss Doula offers compassionate, informed support to families facing the loss of a baby in miscarriage, stillbirth, or other infant death. Every mother and her partner should have access to a well-trained, nurturing Baby Loss Advisor/Loss Doula who gently support and wisely teachers and thoughtfully advocates for women/couples from the time of their loss, through the planning process, the birth, and afterward.

Minimize Regrets Maximize Memories
Active Parenting
Memorial Planning
Resisilent Grieving
Postpartum Support
Grief Support

Physical Support
Emotional Support
Partner Support
Evidence-Based Information and Advocacy

Certified Birth Doula (DONA)

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.
Doulas are trained to help families connect with evidence-based resources so they can ask great questions and make informed decisions about their births. Our doulas serve as a bridge of communication between women and their providers, lifting them up to help them find their voices and advocate for the very best care.